Deprecation Notice

This API portal and the v1 Video Indexer API are now deprecated and will be removed by Aug 1st 2018
Please migrate to the new API portal and v2 of the API at

Get Started


Welcome to Video Indexer developers portal! Get ready to build your app with Video Breakdown API and Widgets.
Video Indexer is a cognitive video indexing platform, that processes the videos that users upload, and creates a rich cognitive index of the content within the video (linguistic transcript, OCR, faces, speakers, keywords, sentiment, classifies voice activity , etc.) Based on the cognitive video index, users can search, explore, understand, edit and play videos and playlists in a powerful, simple, cognitively intelligent manner. This guide shows you how to quickly and easily integrate with Video Indexer APIs

Subscribing to the API

1. Sign-In

In order to start developing with Video Indexer, you must first Sign-In to the portal.

Notice that if signing in with an AAD account (e.g. you must go through 2 preliminary steps:

  1. Contact us to register your AAD organization’s domain (
  2. Your AAD organization’s admin must first sign in to grant the portal permissions to your org.

Once you have signed in you are ready to go to the next step - Subscribe.

2. Subscribe

In the Products page, select Production and subscribe.

This will send Video Breakdown a subscription request which will be approved briefly.

Once approved, you will be able to see your subscription and your primary and secondary keys. Notice: these keys should be protected. They should only be used by your server code. They should not be available on the client side (.js, .html, etc.).

Congratulations! you are ready to start integrating with the API.