API Overview

Video Breakdown provides you a rich api in order to get all the benefits from the technology.
The currently available APIs lets you Upload a video, get its processing state, once fully processed you can get the full details and insights of a video, search videos based on multiple dimensions (transcript, OCR, people, privacy level, etc) and get a URL for 2 embeddable widgets: Insights and Player.

Here you can find and try all API methods.

API Tryout - Step by step

In the APIS page, select Breakdown APIs – Production and take a look of the available APIs:

You can see the APIs, their documentation, parameters and responses and try them out. Click the Try It button of an API to test it:

After clicking Send you will be able to see the API response.

Code Examples

You can find auto-generated code for most of the programming languages at the API reference page.
Here you can find another code snippets that demonstrates the usage of all of the APIs together.