Deprecation Notice

This API portal and the v1 Video Indexer API are now deprecated and will be removed by Aug 1st 2018
Please migrate to the new API portal and v2 of the API at

API Overview

Video Breakdown provides you a rich api in order to get all the benefits from the technology.
The currently available APIs lets you Upload a video, get its processing state, once fully processed you can get the full details and insights of a video, search videos based on multiple dimensions (transcript, OCR, people, privacy level, etc) and get a URL for 2 embeddable widgets: Insights and Player.

Here you can find and try all API methods.

API Tryout - Step by step

In the APIS page, select Breakdown APIs – Production and take a look of the available APIs:

You can see the APIs, their documentation, parameters and responses and try them out. Click the Try It button of an API to test it:

After clicking Send you will be able to see the API response.

Code Examples

You can find auto-generated code for most of the programming languages at the API reference page.
Here you can find another code snippets that demonstrates the usage of all of the APIs together.